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Warehouse shelving and racking make up the skeleton of your warehouse, and leaving a damaged rack unrepaired can be just as dangerous to your operations and your employees as walking around with a broken bone.

Warehouse shelving, including pallet rackscantilever racksmezzanines, and a wide array of other storage and shelving systems, can easily be damaged by everyday warehouse activity. Forklift collisions, falling product, or other damage due to human error or equipment malfunction can all threaten the safety and efficiency of your warehouse environment. Luckily, Brother's In-Law Installation & Labor LLC offer fast and effective warehouse shelving repair when you need it.

Brother's In-Law Installation & Labor LLC provide the most trusted rack repair services in the industry. Some benefits of our rack repair program include:


Our certified rack repair personnel will make a site visit to repair the damaged warehouse racking.

On-site repair


Minimal downtime

In most cases, our experienced service technicians can repair the damaged rack in place, without requiring that the product stored on other levels of the rack be removed or relocated.

Money saving

Rack reinforcement and improved strength: When we repair a storage or pallet rack, we remove, replace, and reinforce the damaged section, not only saving you the money of having to replace an entire storage rack due to one area of impact, but leaving your warehouse shelving system stronger than it was to begin with.

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